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Our top products.

Here, you will find frequently requested truck spare parts from our range.

Remanufactured engines

The flexible option.

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Manual transmission

Attractive repair packages to suit your needs.

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Euro 6 diesel particulate filter

Particularly efficient and economical.

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AdBlue® dosing pump

Full performance and long service life.

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Diesel injection nozzle

A perfectly matched fuel supply.

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A balanced rotor ensures smooth running.

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Comfort in any situation.

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Clutch kit

For fast, smooth gear changes.

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News feed.

The latest information about our Truck spare parts.

Further Reman HDEP and MDEG long blocks for older Trucks now available

Mercedes‑Benz is introducing additional HDEP and MDEG long blocks for older Trucks to the genuine remanufactured parts portfolio.


The advantages are that the factory-assembled and tested scopes ensure functional reliability on new part standard. As an alternative for higher mileage and longer service life of the engine peripherals, the complete engine is also available without restriction. Long blocks supplement the customer options.

New Reman portfolio for trucks now available

The new versions of the remanufactured parts portfolios are now available for trucks.

Click here for download:
Trucks portfolio


Interview: What is “remanufacturing” all about?

In this interview Andreas Jörg, until March 2020 responsible for Remanufacturing and Value Parts & Services at Daimler AG, explains what remanufacturing is all about. He particularly emphasizes the contribution that the remanufacturing of parts makes to the conservation of resources.


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Product categories for Trucks.

Mercedes‑Benz Truck spare parts at great prices.


The flexible option.

Detachable engine parts

Efficient interaction with the engine.


Attractive repair packages to suit your needs.


Comfort in any situation.


For fast, smooth gear changes.

Exhaust systems

Full performance and long service life.


A perfectly matched fuel supply.

Electronic component parts

Operate reliably and durably.

Information systems

Keeping you reliably informed at all times.

Genuine Mercedes‑Benz remanufactured parts.

Mercedes‑Benz quality at an attractive price.

We offer remanufactured truck spare parts for many popular Mercedes‑Benz models. The range runs from A for Atego to Z for Zetros: Atego, Axor, Actros, Antos, Arocs, Econic and Zetros. We even offer remanufactured parts for the legendary  Unimog. By no means are our remanufactured parts limited to more recent truck models. If you come to us, you will also find parts for older truck model series at attractive terms. If you return a used part for a Mercedes‑Benz truck, we will professionally remanufacture it.

Truck spare parts for Mercedes‑Benz on attractive terms.

Your key to greater flexibility.

Here, you will find plenty of Mercedes‑Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts for many truck models. Unlike used parts, these spare parts are remanufactured genuine parts from Mercedes‑Benz. We remanufacture not only technical components such as engines, complete transmissions and basic transmissions, but also typical detachable parts such as cylinder heads, brake calipers, camshafts and drive shafts. Why not simply use our part finder? It will help you to find any Mercedes‑Benz remanufactured part!

Genuine remanufactured engines from Mercedes‑Benz: an invaluable resource.

We possess the expertise needed to offer remanufactured major assemblies with the level of quality you would expect from us as the manufacturer. Unlike used parts purchased on the Internet, you can be sure that our parts have undergone professional inspection. Rapid repair times and high availability for remanufactured major assemblies mean that there is no need for extended non-operational time. Truck spare parts from Mercedes‑Benz come with the longevity and quality typical of the brand. Up-to-date knowledge gained in series production is incorporated into the remanufacturing process for our remanufactured engines and logged test rig operations ensure the functional availability of the remanufactured parts. We also ensure the best possible consumption and performance characteristics by updating the control unit.

Protect your wallet and the environment at the same time and give us your used Mercedes‑Benz truck part for remanufacturing.

We don't think that financial and environmental concerns are mutually exclusive. The TÜV Süd inspection association agrees with us. According to its figures, remanufacturing a G281 truck transmission rather than producing a new one saves a total of 445 kg of carbon dioxide and 7,300 megajoules of energy. To put it another way, a remanufactured transmission saves as much CO2 as 11 trees would consume in converting the gas over a period of ten years. With genuine remanufactured parts from Mercedes‑Benz, you can protect the environment and save money at the same time. A Mercedes‑Benz truck spare part combines sustainability with top Mercedes‑Benz quality on attractive terms. When it comes to engines and transmissions, we recycle around 98% of removed major assembly component parts. That saves raw materials and is good for the environment. Get involved and give us your used Mercedes‑Benz truck part, and we'll remanufacture it into a genuine remanufactured part in our six-step process.